Testing Resources

If you're looking for an HIV test, you can text your zip code to KNOWIT (566948) and get a list back via text, or use the HIV test locator below.

Safer Sex

Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center has produced an informational booklet, "Safer Sex: A Guide for Us." It is downloadable as a PDF. If you don't have Acrobat Reader, you can download it from Adobe. There is no restriction on printing or emailing these. Please share them with your friends or family. PLEASE NOTE, THIS BROCHURE CONTAINS INFORMATION AND IMAGES RELATED TO SAFER SEX PRACTICES. SOME VIEWERS MAY FIND THIS MATERIAL OBJECTIONABLE. It is available in four languages:

For more answers about HIV, click on the HIV Info tab at the top of this page.

Positive Resources

Health Resources

Are you looking for services or a hotline? How about a hospital in your area specializing in HIV/AIDS care?

How to choose a treatment team has articles and resources on finding a doctor, how to get the most out of your medical appointments, and how to navigate the benefits you may be eligible to receive. Please check out this list here.

Outing your status

How do you tell someone that you have HIV? How do you talk to your family about HIV, or potential partners? Below we have a list of links to various web sites and a summary of each.

  • To Tell or Not to Tell: Disclosing your HIV Status." Contains helpful tips on deciding on who to tell, and considerations about not disclosing your status. Includes sections on disclosing to your spouse or partner, family, extended family, friends, doctor, co-workers and your employer.
  • "Telling Others You Have HIV." The Body had a large section on disclosing your status, including advice, personal accounts, laws on disclosure, and news and articles about HIV.
  • The Well Project "Disclosing Your HIV Status. The Well Project has advice on who you should tell about your HIV, who to tell, and when and where to tell. The Well Project is women focused, and the rest of the site has a wealth of information, including HIV basics, treatment and trials, disease information, and more.

News and Events

Make your own I'm Talking About HIV sign

Center for Digital Storytelling

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